How to Keep Pipes From Freezing in a Vacant House

In a vacant house, the cold temperature often freezes the pipes. It can lead to several issues in your plumbing system because freezing in a pipe can create pressure and lead to a pipe burst.

It can also cause serious flooding in your house and especially when no one is around to take care of it. Hence, it is important to keep the pipes warm so that they don’t freeze.

This misconception is common among homeowners that pipe freezing is the problem for the houses in the cold climates. However, the house vulnerable to pipe freezing is typically in hot climate areas.

Pipes are not insulated against frigid temperatures and mostly cold water puts pipes at risk. As compared to drain pipes, water pipes are subject to freezing issues because they do not hold water.

Here are a few tips for you:

  • If you or your tenants plan to stay away for a while. Make sure to take precautionary steps that might prevent the water pipes from freezing and causing damage to your plumbing system.
  • Keep your faucet open, not too much obviously but a bit. Just make sure that the water is dripping from the faucet fed by that pipe.
  • It prevents the pressure from building in the pipes, thus preventing it from bursting.
  • Applying heating tapes can be an effective solution to this issue. It works more like a blanket for the pipes and keeps it warm. These are good, especially for small section pipes.
  • In the market, there are two types of heating tapes available. One is which senses the temperature and turns on and off automatically and the other is which must be plugged in when the heat is required.
  • If your pipes are in basements or other parts where there is less insulation, you would need extra insulation to prevent the pipes.
  • Insulation helps the pipe keep the temperature equal to that of the water inside, however, it does not add heat to the pipe; it cannot keep the pipes from freezing which are exposed to prolonged freezing temperatures.
  • Pipes are often located in cabinets, so it is better to keep the interior doors open. It will make sure to keep the pipes warm from the temperature of the rest of the house.