Boiler Repair in Tacoma

There is never a convenient time for the boilers to run into problems, especially in the cold months of the year. Many problems can occur with your boiler because of being idle for months.

Some of the problems can be fixed by the owners themselves, but it is better to let a professional handle it for you and get the hot water coming.

Whether a small problem or a big one, we have got the solution for you. For your safety, we have a few common problems with boilers many homeowners face.

Common Boiler Problems

Mostly the central heating system stops functioning because of low boiler pressure. It can happen due to various reasons primarily because of boiler leakages or your pressure relief valve needs replacement.

If the leak is visible to you then it can be fixed at home but sometimes leaks are not visible, it’s better to call a professional gas engineer to diagnose the problem.

Boilers often make disruptive voices and if you can hear it in your home, call us to get it fixed today from us at reasonable prices.

A noisy boiler is caused by low water pressure, air in the system or faculty pump problems.

If you face intermittent or no hot water, it means that either your airlocks are causing it, or diaphragms need replacement.

Sometimes the boiler problem is also caused by a thermostat. So, it is wise to check it first and see if it is working. And if your thermostat is not working, call your manufacturer is it is still in warranty.

For broken airlocks and diaphragms contact us, our professional engineers perform all sorts of maintenance and replacement at very low prices.

Another most common problem with the boiler is, the pilot flame keeps turning off; often caused by a thermocouple that sends gas supply to the boiler.

After checking the gas supply and all other appliances if this still happens then you need a professional to investigate it.

Boiler repair and maintenance

Our professional safety gas engineers can fix any issue. We also offer annual maintained services, which include annual inspection of all your appliances.

Call us to book our boiler experts and make sure that you are good to go for another year at a very low cost. We provide the best boiler repair services Tacoma.